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DiamondFilmsLtd. is the place that you want to be when you need anything that has to do with the production of film, the making of animations and the crafting of superb pieces of graphic services. You will find that there is nothing that we can’t do when it comes to the making of these visual representations. You will find that we have perfected the art and our commitment knows no bounds. Right from the start, we always like to make sure that we have what we are going to do will be special. There is nothing that we are not willing to work to make. We ensure that we have everything that you need before we make any promises. DiamondFilmsLtd. is the home of artists and creators of magical representations on the screen. You will not find anything that is better than what we have here. This is the home of real talent, gifted young minds and technology that combined to give you works that are worth putting in a museum.

Film production is our forte and we pride ourselves on the fact that we make really good films and that the work that goes into them speaks for itself because you can clearly see the quality. You will find that there is nothing that is left out when we are working on the films and that what we are committed to making is nothing but the best. Animations come in second on our list of things that we do really well in. these are made using the best crews, the best equipments and also the best kind of crew who are gifted in giving the eyes what it wants. Animations are particularly tricky but we make do with what we have and that is why we never hold back on the creativity. You will truly be impressed when you look at what we have.

You are also going to find that we hire out some specific types of equipment that you will not find that easily which includes green and blue screens, we also do a lot of audio editing and sound recording. Anything that you can imagine of that is in the visual entertainment arts, we do it. Ours is a diverse and very interesting group that has collected minds that are visual masters. Welcome to DiamondFilmsLtd. where we do it all and where all the needs you have are met.

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2A Warren Street, Woodbrook, Port-of-spain, Trinidad, West Indies.