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DiamondFilmsLtd. is many things and one of those things is that we are makers of animations. We do anything that entertains on screen. Our facilities have been equipped to handle everything that you may need as a client. We can make any kind if 3D animation that you may need.

There is no greater joy than knowing how to make those images come to life in a blend of voice and visual creativity. This is how we make the audiences watch. We give what we promise and we always make sure that as a 3D animation company, we deliver standard art.

We didn’t say #1 just because we are good at what we do but also because we are aiming for the top and here is how we get there.

3D Animation and Modeling Services

When it comes to making animations, you will find that there is a lot of work that goes into making the final product. This is because animations are not anything really. What I mean is that when you are creating them, you have to start from scratch.
From the 3D modeling, the 3D digital animation and the other stages that produce the final talking cartoon that you see, it is all about creating something that is new. We start with the concept that is then passed on to the people who make the characters according to instruction.

3D Character Animation, Design and Originality

When our creators start working on their animations, it is usually just flat square lines on the screen and then they get molded carefully using software in the 3D animation studio. Then they are processed through digital 3D animation or any kind that you may need.


If you want something that looks like it was made in the fifties, our team will do that for you because here, we only allow the best to be admitted. Our team will make everything perfect because our 3D animation editors are professionals with a keen eye for flaws.


Nothing is done by anyone who doesn’t know what they are doing. This is to make sure that what you get as the client at the end of the day is quality work that can be screened at Cannes. There is no reason why we can’t produce the best because our staff is highly qualified.

What’s Our Secret?

At DiamondFilmsLtd., the secret to making the best 3D animation is ‘don’t screw it up or…’ That is why our staff check and double check everything that they do to make sure that what is made is so good that it can wow even the critical of critics.

What’s our Other Secret?

You are not supposed to know but we fancy ourselves as artists. We make sure that our collection of people that are working here are artists in every sense of the word. That is how we are able to produce such awesome work. It is because we are artists that we excel.

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